I have suffered with chronic migraines for a number of years and finally in
desperation thought I would try acupuncture. Cat has been very successful in
helping me relieve the symptoms and pain through regular treatment. I wish I
would have been willing to try this years ago!

Thank you Cat!

Thom B.

Just wanted to say what a POSITIVE effect Acupunture has had on me!  I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in ’07.  When I got ”sick”, it kinda turned my entire world upside down. A lot of things I enjoyed doing were no longer doable, I had to adapt and overcome to many new changes.  I had read a lot about alternative medicines, and how people had had success with them, acupunture was one of them.  My Neurologist even suggested I give it a try.  Just as luck would have it my Chiroprator had just rented some space to a new Acupuncturist….how convienent!!

I’ve been seeing Ms. Van Til for about a year now and I can say she has helped me tremendously with my different body aches and pains and leg spasms.  Most of which are neurological in nature due to my MS, a lot of it is nerve related, and acupuncture addresses these issues directly.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, I’m not too fond of needles…but Catherine is both gentle and professional and the overall effect IS calming.

Thank You,

David S.

I have worked with other acupuncturists besides Catherine and what really stands
out to me about her work is her thoroughness. I appreciate that she utilizes
other aspects of TCM in her sessions besides needling: moxa, liniments, ear
seeds and herbal prescriptions. She pays attention to the details and keeps the
room warm for me, checks in multiple times about my comfort level and really
listens to what I am saying. I have been struggling for 7 months to alleviate
brain fog following a general anesthesia experience. After one session with her
focusing on moving my liver chi, my brain fog is gone and my pre-surgery energy
levels have returned. I like her as a practitioner and I think that her work is

Jamilah Jane Tuuk, Massage and CranioSacral Therapist.